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Learn how you can use tech to understand your people.

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Today’s organizations need to monitor employee satisfaction. KeenCorp provides businesses with an analytics platform that makes it easier to comprehend happiness in every department of a company.

The pleasure of your people should be your top priority. You may take action and achieve results by being aware, in real-time, when a team’s welfare is declining. A team that is having trouble is a business issue, not an HR one.

Attacking that issue begins right now.

Let human insight influence your decisions.

The pioneer in workforce analytics is KeenCorp. We offer a complete AI toolkit that offers you insights into digital conversations while still being GDPR compliant. All of the major collaboration platforms, including Slack, Teams, Google Suite, Microsoft Exchange, and Yammer, may provide these insights.

There is a remedy prepared for you.

KeenCorp operates in the background of your company and makes use of AI capabilities to track emotion in all team discussions. It looks at groups rather than individuals and is completely anonymous. You can view all of this data day or night to get a real-time snapshot of how engaged your team is.

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