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Human Capital drives your company’s success. Your employees mobilize all your other financial, technological, and innovation resources. Highly engaged employees make the difference between success and failure. 

KeenCorp is a leader in Workforce Analytics. It’s a proven and effective AI solution that is the result of over 30 years of research. KeenCorp gives you as a business leader the qualitative insights you need to measure employee engagement, conversation sentiment, and health. These insights are derived from the analysis of data that already exists in the day-to-day workflow: E-mails, Microsoft Teams chats, Google Suite, and Slack

The KeenCorp Index enables you as a leader to make better, data-backed decisions for your entire workforce. You gain a hard, data-backed view of how your employees really feel, without having to conduct a time-consuming and costly survey. Comprehensive, Unbiased, and Real-Time.

KeenCorp Index lets you:

  • Keep track of your workforce performance across your organization
  • Gain insight of how your employees feeling – here and now?
  • Get organizational insights without to conduct a survey 
  • Proactively retain employees – before they become disengaged
  • Know in real-time how your workforce adopt or adjust to a new initiative

Digital conversations happen all around us. Especially at work. We turn conversations to workforce insights.

In an increasingly globalized, remote, and multidisciplinary teams, conversations are the way to bring colleagues together. KeenCorp helps by tracking engagement throughout your organization. The KeenCorp index get your real-time feedback when needed. It does this through psycho-linguistic analysis and tension detection. 

The resulting insights enable your company to leverage human capital for strategic advantage, without having to conduct time-consuming and costly surveys. 

Simple, efficient and visualized in real-time.



Our solutions measure your most valuable assets -
your employees.

Make decisions based on comprehensive information. Tackle and gain control of issues before they become unmanageable.

Our Services

Employee Productivity

Gain a clear picture of employees’ anxiety and engagement, so you can respond quickly if issues arise.

Change Management

Identify low employee engagement and morale to retain valued employees.


Avoid potentially damaging negative social media coverage by responding early to spikes in internal tension and stress.

Financial Integrity

Detect hidden risks across the organization to identify financial misconduct before it escalates.


Get objective feedback to monitor the impact of new policies as they are implemented.

Diversity & Inclusion

Detect misconduct before incidents occur to prevent costly claims.

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