Pulse Survey Pitfalls

Pulse surveys let you collect employee feedback on a frequent basis. They are short surveys that measure employee engagement and can focus on specific

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Marlies de Vries en Chris Fonteijn, de door de minister van Financiën aangestelde kwartiermakers die de transities in de accountancy moeten aanjagen, schetsen in

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Peak Paradox - In the world full of human bias, exploring paradox might help us explain our differences

On a similar call with Viktor Mirovic (CEO of KeenCorp – a company who identifies employee problems in real-time), we explored the gaps between our own bias and purpose and those biases/purpose that our companies have. Viktor and I reflected on what happens when there is a delta between you and the company and the (a)effects on teams and individuals’ performance. As you can imagine, this article and thinking are built ’the shoulders of giants and would not have come to be without those conversations and many others.

These are the building blocks for innovative capacity on the way to the top

If your organization is larger, and you are curious about the latest developments in this field, take a look at KeenCorp.

Is It Time for an Organizational Network Analysis?

According to Bersin, consulting firms like Deloitte and McKinsey conduct ONAs and products such as Microsoft Workplace Analytics, TrustSphere, KeenCorp and have tools that help. “The discipline has been studied for many years,” Bersin wrote, citing LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and New York Times as having gone through an ONA to “understand how different affinity groups communicate, cluster, and compare with each other.”

Sumser: It’s time for new approaches to engagement

KeenCorp’s Heat Maps looks at what is actually happening during work rather than what employees say on a survey. The tool runs in the background, analyzing changes in language across the full sweep of communications and detects where there is stress, discord and also where things are doing well. KeenCorp’s offering is not sentiment analysis. Rather, it looks at behavioral change expressed in language and is a compliment to sentiment analysis.

What is text mining? Your business can gain valuable insights by letting AI analytics loose on your emails and documents

The infamous Enron scandal of 2001 proves a fascinating case study for where text mining technology can potentially help an enterprise from completely imploding. More than a decade after the energy firm declared bankruptcy, a text-mining company, KeenCorp, managed to acquire a trove of emails dating back to the date of the scandal, and the preceding few years.

How is artificial intelligence going to impact franchising?

AI technologies like KeenCorp and Humanyze can be especially useful for global franchisors where franchisees and the head office are geographically spread out. This type of software is a “gamechanger” when it comes to keeping up morale. “They assess language and communication within businesses and analyze what’s affecting performance. They can pinpoint where enthusiasm may slowly be seeping away and give HR teams time to act before things may escalate,” explains Daniel.

Guest Article: Tackling Tech with Tact. How AI can Improve Colleague Experience

Where these same management and leadership colleagues wish to track morale, concepts are being developed by Vibe and KeenCorp that ascertain from emails, instant messenger services, etc, the general emotional trands of colleagues, which again, is a conversation enabler re improving engagement and colleague experience.

HRExaminer Radio – Executive Conversations: Episode #353: Viktor Mirovic, Owner, Chief Financial Officer at KeenCorp

Viktor Mirovic With over 10 years of work experience basically spread between Asia and Europe, Viktor has always pursued the road less traveled. With a background in business administration and a broad interest in business dynamics, Viktor fosters a genuine curiosity in why “things are as they are”. Meanwhile, he loves to touch the scales of risk and return as this is what drives dreams…

Tackling Tech with Tact. How AI can improve colleague experience

Where these same management and leadership colleagues wish to track morale, concepts are being developed by Vibe and Keen that ascertain from emails, instant messenger services, etc, the general emotional trands of colleagues, which again, is a conversation enabler re improving engagement and colleague experience.

PAFOW San Francisco 2020 Presentation

Presentation at PAFOW San Francisco 2020 by Ed Juline, VP Americas, KeenCorp

7 Sentiment Analysis Tools to Improve Employee Engagement in 2020

KeenCorp is among the leading sentiment analysis tools providers out there. It comprises two dashboards:
– MoodMetrix to map periodic employee sentiment trends
– Attitude Heatmap to prioritize management decisions based on the findings

KeenCorp has a host of features, including cloud/on-premise deployment, integration with popular communication channels like Office and G-suite, visualization dashboards, and data anonymization. The tool is available at an annual pricing model, starting at €15 per participant per year for companies with over 10,000 participants.

The Annual Employee Engagement Survey Doesn’t Cut it Anymore

Organizational Network Analysis (ONA)- ONAs collect data on how people interact by quantifying and displaying the number and strength of connections among people and groups. Adoption is increasing as Deloitte’s 2017 Global Human Capital Trends survey found that 48 percent of their respondents were experimenting with ONA tools. Established ONA vendors include Trustsphere, KeenCorp, and Microsoft Delve.

HR vendors to watch in 2020

Another is Rotterdam, Netherlands-based KeenCorp B.V., which uses language analysis that can analyze employee emails and chats to measure engagement and “tension” in a workplace. It generates an index to tell how critical groups are doing.

Measuring Employee Engagement with A.I. and Machine Learning

One issue with surveys is “they only capture a part of the information, and that’s the part that the employee is willing to release,” said KeenCorp co-founder Viktor Mirovic. When surveyed, respondents often hold back information, he explained, leaving “unsaid” data that has an effect similar to “unheard” data.

How AI Can Be the Key to Unlocking Your Scale Up - Improving HR Processes and Building the Best Team

Technology like KeenCorp can flag when a certain team member‘s morale is worsening. It assesses language and communication within businesses and can analyse the reasons why certain teams are performing differently to others.

What to measure when you can measure everything

Or maybe it’s because many employers monitor staff communications, their keystrokes, their internet histories. Some of this is to counter risk, some to keep workers on task. But there are several services now, including KeenCorp, which can gauge morale, engagement, and their alignment with change programmes by analysing staff emails.

HR Examiner Awards – Watchlist 2020

Word leading analyst Mr John Sumser recognizes KeenCorp as “the coming way of operating a business”. KeenCorp is also the only company outside the US to receive this award for 2020.

CoreNet: Beware staff reaction to being tracked at work

“If the software is not good for the individual employee, expect a difficult implementation process,” said KeenCorp marketing director, Jean-Pierre van Lin. “The individual has to know, what’s in it for me?”

BCG Henderson Institute - Winning the ’20s: A Leadership Agenda for the Next Decade

Boston Consulting Group identifies KeenCorp as a key technology to identify strategic risk in order to succeed in the next decade.

KeenCorp joins Netherlands American Chamber of Commerce

Thank you to everyone for their kind words of support for my role as President of NACCSE. I am privileged to be able to represent the Dutch-American community and look forward to supporting you in growing your businesses and networks. A special thank you to Ard Crebas and Annemarie MacFarland for all their hard work at NACCSE. We have many exciting events coming up and are thrilled to have the support of the new Netherlands Consulate to make our community even stronger.