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Why KeenCorp Analytics?

It’s no secret that engaged employees are more motivated, invested and committed. Companies with high employee engagement also have 25-59% lower employee turnover rates than counterparts with low employee engagement. Culture leaders worldwide must rely on employee feedback to support their workforce more than ever during this extended period of remote working. Traditional tools such as annual surveys and pulse methods fail to eliminate conscious and unconscious bias. Without a high survey response rate, you miss hearing numerous voices. So, you need an even more accurate and time-effective way to ascertain your employees’ real feelings. 

We meet this need through the KeenCorp Index. It lets you measure your most valuable asset. Simple, efficient and visualized in real-time. The best way to find out what’s really on your employees’ minds.

KeenCorp Index lets you:

  • Detect an employee issue before it becomes unmanageable
  • Identify an opportunity in real-time to improve performance
  • Ask the right question on time

KeenCorp’s Index lets your leadership team measure employee engagement in real-time and per team.


GDPR-compliant. Trusted by banks, governments and multinational corporations around the world. 


Available in 37 languages


Tailored to the needs of complex organizations.  Implement the KC Index in one day.


Cloud-based or installed on-premise. Works seamlessly with collaboration platforms including Microsoft Teams, Slack, Yammer and Microsoft Exchange.

Easy to implement

Use critical or custom groups in line with your needs


You can choose between critical or custom groups according to your specific needs. If you opt for custom groups, KeenCorp will collaborate with your HR team to develop custom employee clusters.


Employee communication is anonymized, stripped of identifiers and analysed by the software to establish a benchmark for future assessment. Content is never stored to protect privacy.


Once the retrospective analysis has been completed, the software uses a linguistic approach to measure stress and connectedness levels in real time. So, you can gain meaningful insights to shape your strategy.