KeenCorp’s award-winning software is safe: The privacy and confidentiality of each employee are 100% protected. The software complies fully with the European GDPR law of May 2018. The system has been designed with privacy and confidentiality in mind, so that all participants can be assured that their contribution is always anonymous. We call this Privacy by Design.

  1. Minimum groupsize of 10 people.
  2. Anonymized and references removed.
  3. Only averaged daily scores per group are saved.
  4. No communication content is ever stored.

Compliance with GDPR is built-in and has been verified by leading law firm Clifford Chance.

Click here to view Clifford Chance’s Executive Summary.

Beyond compliance with privacy law, KeenCorp believes that it is crucial to engage with participants who have questions about their data and personal privacy. We therefore promote full transparency of the measurement and explanation of its purpose to all stakeholders. As part of this we underline that the measurement benefits everyone, because a healthy and successful organization is good for everyone: Employees, management, directors and owners alike.

For KeenCorp’s full privacy practices and certification please click here.