KeenCorp expands global offering via South African Baker Street Software Solutions

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KeenCorp expands global offering via South African Baker Street Software Solutions

KeenCorp expands global offering via South African Baker Street Software Solutions 

Dutch software company KeenCorp has started a partnership with Baker Street Software Solutions in South Africa with the aim of expanding its global offering. The distribution partnership kicked off on October 1st and intends to extend the value proposition of KeenCorp for South African companies and organizations that want to improve their business results through more effectiveness and better leadership. 

KeenCorp is a Dutch cloud software supplier and specialist in analyzing and reporting business processes in corporate organizations. KeenCorp provides senior management with the tools to optimize these processes to improve customer relations and create better business results. The KeenCorp Index scans employee’s behavior on communication and collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams, Yammer and E-mail. AI-driven data analysis is available to management and team leaders in real-time via a dashboard, so they can monitor if the possible tension within the organization is high or low. With notifications from the KeenCorp dashboard, management can proactively act to prevent escalating situations. 

AI-driven analyses 

KeenCorp believes that engaged employees have more energy and are less stressed, happier and healthier. “As employee engagement is one of the most important drivers for organizational success, this has a direct impact on satisfied customers and business results”, says Harm Mannak, CEO at KeenCorp. “Everyone can feel the difference between a passionate and an unmotivated employee. KeenCorp tooling is able to make that gut feeling visible and measurable quickly and easily. The dashboard gives managers quick insights into which employees and what parts of the organization are more involved. With these important insights, leaders can act immediately when team involvement decreases in an organization.” 

Employee Analytics Index 

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution upon us, corporates are faced with new ways of capitalizing on the power of data, insights, and the latest in technologies related to Artificial Intelligence. Many corporate organizations maintain in-depth analysis from a financial reporting perspective but tend to neglect the impact of Human Resources on their business”, says Dale Guild, co-owner of Baker Street Analytics. “How does a large corporation understand their staff, employees, and stakeholders? What is the ethos of the organization? How do you track this type of insight in an index? Historically, this was pretty much impossible until KeenCorp created the Employee Analytics offering.” 

Differentiated portfolio 

KeenCorp and Baker Street Software Solutions have the ambition to create sales opportunities in South Africa and activate the first South African clients by the end of November. The expectations of the partnership are to become the trusted partner in Human Capital ethos indexing in South Africa, explains co-owner Grant Belcher of Baker Street Software Solutions. “The KeenCorp portfolio is very differentiated in its approach and together with Baker Street Software Solutions, we can assist organizations with leadership effectiveness so they can create better business results. Given the many use cases for the solution and the client relationships and industries we operate in, this solution is something to discuss and take forward in South Africa.” 


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