About KeenCorp

KeenCorp is a leader in Employee Analytics. We provide a comprehensive AI solution for governance, risk, compliance, and digital conversation insights. These insights cover all the major collaboration platforms including Slack, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Exchange and Yammer.

Meet the Team

In a market characterized by constant change, the KeenCorp team combines far-reaching experience and expertise and a forward-thinking vision on the future. Their strong leadership and quest for innovation have made KeenCorp what it is today. Our leaders are bold visionaries and eager collaborators who are smart, seasoned and highly capable — tirelessly striving to improve the future of work.

Harm Mannak


Harm Mannak has 40+ years of experience, 30 years of which in executive leadership and board-level positions, and 40+ executive management roles focusing on business transformation and cultural change at leading companies both in the profit and non-profit sector. Harm leads KeenCorp in its scale-up phase and is a cornerstone member to the team for his relentless drive to getting things done.

Bruno Jakic has been interested in programming and computers from an age of 12. Bruno earned his bachelor’s in Artificial Intelligence in 2009. He is the former CTO of 10 consecutive year award-winning ecommerce player iBOOD.com, which was recently sold to Media-Saturn. At KeenCorp, Bruno focuses on our deep learning platform development.

Bruno Jakic

Co-Founder | Artificial Intelligence

Mark Mooij

Co-Founder | Artificial Intelligence

Mark Mooij earned his bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence in 2009. At KeenCorp, Mark specializes in sentiment analysis and is actively involved in business development as KeenCorp’s product owner and CTO. Mark has worked with Bruno for over 10 years at AI-Applied, which they founded.

Femke Marsman has a consulting background and heads up consulting and business development at KeenCorp. Femke trained as a psychologist and has been running a successful private coaching and consulting practice for 18 years. At KeenCorp, Femke leads client delivery, which includes project management and team & culture within KeenCorp.

Femke Marsman

Co-Founder | Intervention Design

Danielle Vogelenzang CCO KeenCorp

Daniëlle Vogelenzang


Daniëlle Vogelenzang has experience in various commercial and management roles at various organizations, From start-ups to Liberty Global, KPN, and Uniserver. Daniëlle has completed various courses, including a Master in Marketing, and has been in technology most of her career. At KeenCorp, Daniëlle leads global marketing and sales.