The Importance of Workforce Engagement

Workforce engagement matters. To make your business a success you need to have your biggest asset onboard. Understanding and developing engagement is crucial to getting the most out of your teams. Unfortunately, quick surveys and reviews aren’t a good enough gauge of how happy your company is. Often, they’re answered dishonestly because people don’t feel […]

The value of Workforce Analytics for your business goes beyond HR

HR professionals and organizations often view ‘Workforce Analytics’ as the collection and analysis of data with HR departments about a workforce. This data primarily measures employee performance, talent management, and retention. However, businesses are increasingly seeing the value of Workforce Analytics beyond HR. So, let’s explore opportunities for Workforce Analytics in other business areas. What […]

Pulse Survey Pitfalls

Pulse surveys let you collect employee feedback on a frequent basis. They are short surveys that measure employee engagement and can focus on specific issues such as diversity and inclusion and work-life balance. They give you a way to genuinely listen to your employees and gain insights into their attitudes, feelings, and frustrations. They can […]


Marlies de Vries en Chris Fonteijn, de door de minister van Financiën aangestelde kwartiermakers die de transities in de accountancy moeten aanjagen, schetsen in een interview in Het Financieele Dagblad op 23 september, een ontluisterend beeld van de veranderbereidheid in de sector. ‘Ondanks alles wat er al is gebeurd, hebben wij het échte gevoel van […]