Good culture can be the difference between success and failure. Good culture means higher productivity and increased margins. Good culture creates business value because your people make the difference, their well-being and their sense of connection.

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The value of human capital is now 3 times that of the physical assets in the developed business world.

So, what is the status of your most important asset? Traditional measurement tools like annual surveys and pulse methods fail to eliminate conscious and unconscious bias and they rarely provide the complete picture. By comparison the data capture methods for sales, productivity and cashflow are reliable, expressed in simple metrics and reported as often as required.


You want actionable and timely insight into how your people are doing so you can manage your business in real time. You want to be able to fix issues before they ultimately manifest themselves in the quarterly or annual financials. You need one timely, reliable and simple indicator for people and company culture. You need KeenCorp’s critical intelligence for business.

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Why KeenCorp?


KeenCorp’s measurement is continuous and it requires zero effort from users. Every employee contributes, including those who would otherwise remain silent, picking up signals that are otherwise invisible. The KeenCorp Index is a single, numeric value about your most important asset, your people. As important as turnover, cost and profit. Now the company can compare, correlate and connect all the dots.

Enabled by AI and psycho-linguistic analysis KeenCorp scores written communication on levels of personal involvement and tension. This combination is the best gauge of how your people are really doing.

No more blind spots.


Good management starts with good measurement. KeenCorp’s software opens up opportunities across a number of business areas.

  • Risk identification and prevention
  • Managing change and transformation
  • Understanding culture and engagement
  • Company valuation

KeenCorp can measure your entire organization and any group within your organization anywhere in the world.



Understanding the risks to your business is surely something that should be at the top of priorities for any CEO. Governance and Risk is usually steered by those not directly involved in the day-to-day activity and are unable to feel the real pulse of the organization.

KeenCorp operates as a dashboard warning light. It can sound the alarm in case of potential future risk.



Nobody likes change and people view change with caution, fear and doubt, but change is critical to the success of every business and being able to bring the right people along on that journey is crucial.

KeenCorp’s software solution allows granular tracking in real-time of a change process.

Culture & engagement

Culture & engagement

You can't manage what you can't measure. KeenCorp can measure your entire organization and any bespoke cluster around the company priorities or specific challenges:

For example:

  • Individual departments, business units, locations and functions
  • Client-facing roles, future leadership, mission critical roles
  • Diversity and inclusion; age, gender, ethnicity
  • Key target groups in the long-term labor market and recently hired



The traditional due diligence process of an acquisition or investment is centered around financial ratios and cost-benefit projections. People related data is not available at the same granularity and frequency.

KeenCorp’s software solution provides insight into potential landmines or opportunities with all employees and key groups that are otherwise invisible. It creates a completely new and much richer assessment of value creation, potential or erosion.