Highly engaged employees are the difference between success and failure. High levels of engagement across teams reduce risk and mean higher productivity and increased margins. But how do you know where you stand today? How do you know you are not carrying invisible problems? Or worse, you may be heading towards a hidden iceberg.

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The value of human capital is now 3 times that of the physical assets in the developed business world.

So, what is the status of your most important asset?

Traditional measurement tools like annual surveys and pulse methods fail to eliminate conscious and unconscious bias. Due to poor response rates, they rarely provide the complete picture. The analysis is time-consuming and results arrive late. More modern ONA analytics tools produce output that tells you very little that is actionable.


You want reliable and timely insight into how your people are doing so you can manage your business in real time. You want to be able to fix issues before they ultimately manifest themselves in the quarterly or annual financials. You need one simple indicator for people because you want to know as soon as possible in order to act fast.

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Why KeenCorp?


KeenCorp provides executives with complete, unbiased, and real-time employee insights by analyzing data that already exists in the daily workflow. Using predictive employee analytics software with proprietary algorithms to analyze pattern anomalies in emails and texts, KeenCorp’s AI quantifies pattern anomalies that signal heightened tension and diminished personal involvement. As a result, clients benefit from better outcomes, including higher customer satisfaction, employee productivity, employee retention, and, as a result, overall profitability. KeenCorp helps clients detect unseen risks regarding issues like employee turnover, lack of collaboration, low customer service, costly mistakes, safety incidents and shrinkage.

Find out faster.


Good management starts with good measurement. KeenCorp’s software opens opportunities across a number of business priorities.

  • Prevention of fraud and misconduct
  • Meaningful tracking against diversity and inclusion objectives
  • Retention of key talent, improving execution and successful change projects
  • A culture of safety and quality delivery

KeenCorp can score your entire organization by department and by location anywhere in the world. We also group people around delivery of your top-level business priorities. Each grouping is tailored to the client’s specific requirements.


Fraud and Misconduct

Where are the pressure points in the organization? Which teams are feeling significant tension?

KeenCorp operates as a dashboard warning light. It can sound the alarm in case of potential future risk. Our Whitepaper - Governance & Risk explains how to get a grip on pressure related fraud, which is available as a download from our Contact section.


Diversity and Inclusion

Are all different groups feeling included and contributing? Are we closing the gaps between gender, age groups, different ethnic or cultural backgrounds?

KeenCorp offers a meaningful gauge on how any group is really doing, and how they are impacted by events and decisions over time.

Culture & engagement

Talent, Execution, Change

Do we protect our unique talent by ensuring they are enabled and feeling engaged? Is everybody coming along with change or are some groups switching off?

KeenCorp’s software solution allows granular tracking of any defined group of people. They can be the new recuits or your future leadership talent pool. It can track how people are feeling in real-time about particular temporary situations like a change process.


Safety and Quality

Are we moving towards a culture that will prevent incidents? Are people encouraged to speak up in case they witness anomalies?

Variations in levels of engagement within important groups of people – and therefore their KeenCorp Index scores – will explain to a high degree, variations in levels of safety and quality.