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Organizations Need Tools to Understand the State of Their Culture and the Gaps Between Leaders’ and Employees’ Perceptions to Manage in Today's Uncertain Times.

The global outbreak of COVID-19 is a crisis that impacts business models and disrupts the continuity of operations of companies around the globe. In situations like this, the importance of a high-performing culture is key to a successful business strategy.

According to Gartner - over 90% of organizations see a culture change as a reality. However:

  • Strategy executions is impossible without an accurate understanding of gaps between leaders’ and employees’ perceptions.
  • Employees need to be empowered to apply the culture in their daily work rather than have the organization prescribe it from the top down.
  • Leaders must address systemic barriers to the desired culture coming from siloed processes in functions, countries or employer groups.

Most current assessments still revolve around periodically gathering data via surveys. However, these measures usually fail to provide enough actionable information about how employees actually experience the organization’s culture, most notably its values and behaviors. The main reason is that the data collected is narrowly focused, infrequent, and open to misinterpretations.

Without an accurate understanding of existing culture, organizations cannot be successful in any aspect of strategy. The risk is changing the wrong things or detecting emerging risks too late. To overcome this challenge, leading organizations are shifting to an employee-data-driven culture diagnosis by monitoring how employees experience culture and involving them directly in interpreting culture input. For this to work culture needs to be on everyone's radar screen instead of being the domain of HR.

The critical ingredient for this is improved situational analysis, for everything starts with superior awareness.

KeenCorp has developed a revolutionary AI-based technology that uses language pattern and tension analysis to improve leadership effectiveness by continuously tracking impact on employees. In short: the early warning system to assure business leaders when and where to reach out to their organization and assure that their culture boosts instead of burns their bottom-line.

KeenCorp is the world's first solution to build, grow and sustain an unbiased employee-data-driven business culture.

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