The process of implementing the KeenCorp tool is as simple as it is robust.

Firstly all the people in the organization are grouped into clusters. This is done based on the client’s needs and priorities. Clusters are defined by department, demographic, function, tenure, location or they can be defined around specific issues, like diversity and inclusion. Next we perform the Retrospective Analysis that looks at historic data. This also provides the baseline for future assessment. The KeenCorp tool has the unique capability of looking in the rearview mirror at the company culture.

Once the Retrospective Analysis is completed we progress to fully supported Installation and live measurement.

4 week project run-time

Installation and Live Measurement

  1. Planning and Stakeholder Management - a detailed project plan is agreed to set-up, implement, execute and review, along with roles, responsibilities and ways of working. This includes a detailed communication plan addressing the works council, privacy, board and other users.

  2. IT Installation – set-up and configuration are agreed, implemented, tested and integrated with the company dashboard. Users are trained and the system is implemented into the organization

  3. Ongoing support, service and evaluation - during the first months after installation KeenCorp will advise on report interpretation. Know-how on interpretation and action planning is transferred to the client. If required, further supporting services can be provided.


The KeenCorp service is priced on a pay-per-use annual subscription basis. Depending on scale, subscription fees are from € 50 to € 15 per participant per year. One-off fees apply for system integration and initial installation. Additional consulting from KeenCorp or its partners is available.


  • € 50: < 1,000 participants
  • € 40: 1,000 - 2,500 participants
  • € 30: 2,500 - 5,000 participants
  • € 20: 5,000 - 10,000 participants
  • € 15: > 10,000 participants

Cloud or On-Premise

KeenCorp offers three scenarios for the integration of KeenCorp software with the clients’ infrastructure. Solutions can be tailored to suit the requirements of a client specific infrastructure and of security protocols.

They are developed to facilitate different requirements or legal obligations clients have in the handling of digital communication:

  1. Direct secure integration with the KeenCorp private cloud solution;

  2. Secure integration with a dedicated hosting server (“private cloud”);

  3. On-premise integration of a KeenCorp server

The software supports connection with the leading digital communication platforms.